Pictures in Picayune

Pictures in Picayune portfolio picayunepics

While working on a project in Picayune, Mississippi today, Jaimee Designs got a glimpse into the history and beauty of City Hall of Picayune on this Throw Back Thursday.

Archerfish Technologies Gets A New Look

Archerfish Technologies Gets A New Look o

Before they had a simple wordpress blog with no flair, no design… something they uploaded and edited themselves. Now thanks to Jaimee Designs, they have a professional site that’s sleek, high-tech, and relevant. And they loved it too: “These pages are beautiful. I love the layout. I am glad we waited for you. ” – […]

Building a Magazine with Brenda

Building a Magazine with Brenda portfolio brenda

Today Jaimee Designs met with Brenda of Family First Braille to hash out the details on the creation and release of Family First Braille’s magazine. This is an exciting venture because we are putting helping put together a new publication for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Brenda is passionate about vision impairment and has found her calling embossing braille, […]

MacGyver Needed Online Help

MacGyver Needed Online Help Cheap Online Marketing Service

Launched a mini-site today for a client who has big talent yet a tiny budget. More than anything else, he wanted his new repair shop in Ocean Springs to be found at the top of Google. I’m happy to say that MacGyver’s Repair is rocking the search engine under a variety of keywords and the […]

All Walks of Life

All Walks of Life old pics

One of the most rewarding parts of this business is getting the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. My clients are republicans and democrats, black and white, rich and poor, formally educated and not-so-much, but they all share the common dream of building something, growing something, and doing something. They come […]

Photos Make All the Difference

Photos Make All the Difference Screen Shot    at

What makes the Pass Christian Main Street new website so great isn’t the design or designer (even though we did do a terrific job…), it’s the photography! If you are planning a new website for your business, please don’t go cheap on the photos. For less than $500, you can have a professional photographer shoot […]

Gaga for Great Gala Website Design

Gaga for Great Gala Website Design Red Cross Gala website design

If there’s one website I can’t stop looking at, it’s the website for the Red Cross fundraiser in Jackson, Mississippi this month.  What I love about it isn’t just the graphics (which I can’t take much credit for anyways since most were given to me), but the simplicity of the design process! I built […]

Matt Hoggatt Makes it Big

Matt Hoggatt Makes it Big Screen Shot    at

It was four years ago when my girlfriend and I were having drinks in Ocean Springs, enjoying the evening out, when we bumped into a nice fellow named Matt Hoggatt and began chatting.  I had recently opened my business, Jaimee Designs, and was desperately seeking projects to fill both my time and my bank account.  […]