Gaga for Great Gala Website Design

Red Cross Gala website design

If there’s one website I can’t stop looking at, it’s the website for the Red Cross fundraiser in Jackson, Mississippi this month.  What I love about it isn’t just the graphics (which I can’t take much credit for anyways since most were given to me), but the simplicity of the design process!

I built this website using the new method of web design which favors beautiful code over beautiful layout.  In this process, a designer organizes and codes the content into the HTML page before creating the overall look of the layout, which is the exact opposite of most design projects that generally begin on the art table!

[quote]“Great feedback on the website!…You are the best!!!!” – Tamica Smith-Jeuitt[/quote]The reason I love this process so much is because it keeps me focused on what’s most important – the content! It also saves my client $$$.  Just imagine the time wasted when I draw a pretty design, slice it up and code it out only to realize the actual homepage text (not my dummy text) overextends the layout. Adjusted the design could take hours! The old method is like making a dress without any measurements. Ironically, when using the content-first technique, the layout has no choice but to be beautiful because it fits perfectly!!

The result is a well-tailored, easy-to-use, validated website that was made almost effortlessly yet functions like magic.  And if that doesn’t give Red Cross a reason to go gaga for their gala website, it surely gives me one!