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4 Tips to Starting A Podcast: The First Phase

4 Tips to Starting A Podcast: The First Phase podcast jd blog

This Wednesday on #AskAWebDesigner Jaimee Skyped with Jesan Sorrells (@sorrells79) about starting her own podcast show. Jesan Sorrells is a podcaster of the EARBUD_U Show and owner of Human Services Consulting & Training (HSCT).  Jesan uses his podcast as a platform to enhance his business. HSCT is a conflict resolution company offering an ethical, Christian approach to […]

Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette iStock  Small

In the physical world, there are certain etiquette guidelines established on how to present oneself to the world as a contributing member of society. However, many of these guidelines are not carried over into the online world which can cause problems in connecting with others. Today on #ASKAWEBDESIGNER we went over the good, the bad, […]

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly mobilefriendly stock photo

Google and Bing announced they are changing the way Websites are ranked and penalizing the sites that are not mobile friendly. To be compliant with this change, Websites must either change its site to either be responsive or to have a mobile design. Why did they decided to change the way Websites are ranked? Probably […]

Navigating WordPress

Navigating WordPress wordpressnav

One of the most prominent content management platforms and a favorite of Jaimee Designs is WordPress. WordPress is user friendly and easy to navigate, but for laymen a little assistance is needed. At Jaimee Designs, we have maintenance plans where we handle many of the backside components of client Websites. However, at times clients want […]