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Darwin’s Atheism Website Launch

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Darwin’s Atheism Website Launch In our line of work we meet a lot of interesting people. Greg Bredemeier definitely falls in that category.  Greg is an author, scientist, doctor, and former veteran with some really interesting stories. He came to us with the desire to share his work with the world in a fresh and interesting way, […]

LinkedIn: More Than A Connection

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LinkedIn is more than a job search tool or a way to connect with professionals. It is also a place to share ideas, celebrate career accomplishments, and to establish oneself as an  expert in his or her career field. Recently LinkedIn was the focus on the Jaimee Designs Web Studio #ASKAWEBDESIGNER MeerKat Show as Melissa […]

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

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Google and Bing announced they are changing the way Websites are ranked and penalizing the sites that are not mobile friendly. To be compliant with this change, Websites must either change its site to either be responsive or to have a mobile design. Why did they decided to change the way Websites are ranked? Probably […]