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We made the paper!

We made the paper! portfolio picayuneitem

Jaimee Designs made the Picayune Item for the launch of the City of Picayune Web site. [button window=”yes” link=”” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#612e82″]Download PDF[/button]

Building a Magazine with Brenda

Building a Magazine with Brenda portfolio brenda

Today Jaimee Designs met with Brenda of Family First Braille to hash out the details on the creation and release of Family First Braille’s magazine. This is an exciting venture because we are putting helping put together a new publication for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Brenda is passionate about vision impairment and has found her calling embossing braille, […]

All Walks of Life

All Walks of Life old pics

One of the most rewarding parts of this business is getting the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. My clients are republicans and democrats, black and white, rich and poor, formally educated and not-so-much, but they all share the common dream of building something, growing something, and doing something. They come […]

Gaga for Great Gala Website Design

Gaga for Great Gala Website Design Red Cross Gala website design

If there’s one website I can’t stop looking at, it’s the website for the Red Cross fundraiser in Jackson, Mississippi this month.  What I love about it isn’t just the graphics (which I can’t take much credit for anyways since most were given to me), but the simplicity of the design process! I built […]