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Maxem Health Urgent Care Releases New Website

Maxem Health Urgent Care Releases New Website MaxemHealth

Maxem Health Urgent Care is a medical urgent care facility with 14 locations in 3 states. Recently, their President contracted with Jaimee Designs to redesign and rebuild their website. This was a very timely project what with the appearance of the Coronavirus in the U.S. Part of the redesign of this site included adding a […]

McLaughlin Law Firm Gets a Legal Website Facelift

McLaughlin Law Firm Gets a Legal Website Facelift Screenshot of McLaughlin Law Firm Website

Upon a routine inspection of our clients’ websites, we noticed that Shane McLaughlin’s legal website had some broken links and missing images. After a more careful inspection, we discovered that his website was seriously outdated and antiquated. We called him up and discussed the need for updating the site. After giving us the go-ahead, we […]

Martin Miazza Website Launches

Martin Miazza Website Launches MM

Martin Miazza Gifts Kennedy Miazza White has had the same web designer for decades. When he announced that he was retired, she was in a near panic. Jaimee Designs to the rescue. Martin Miazza Gifts is, according to Southern Living Magazine, “A Coastal Treasure”. Kennedy and her crew have some of the most unique gifts […]

Darwins Collapse Website Launches

Darwins Collapse Website Launches evolution

Darwin’s Collapse Darwin’s Collapse is constructed around an author and doctor, Greg Bredemier. Explore the depths of why Darwin’s Theory does not hold up to today’s science. The website has blog posts, podcasts, and his published books ready for purchase. Whenever we design a website, we always find out something new. Melissa took this project […]

Family First Braille Website Launches

Family First Braille Website Launches consult

Family First Braille   Family First Braille is a non-profit organization providing materials and support to families who have visually impaired relatives. The website also features the beautiful magazine Jaimee Designs Web Studio helped put together for the first few editions. Having worked with Brenda Ramsey and the Family First Braille brand, Melissa had a […]

Cypress Construction Website Launch

Cypress Construction Website Launch cc featured images about

Cypress Construction Inc. Cypress Construction Inc. has been building homes in the Gulf South for over 20 years. We worked with Hank Martinez, who followed in his father’s footsteps and became a second generation home builder. Our goal was to build him a website that would blow his competition out of the water! Cypress’ old […]

Coastal Hardware Website Launch

Coastal Hardware Website Launch Ch resize storefront

Coastal Hardware Website Launch Coastal Hardware has been named the Neiman Marcus of the South. We were so amazed the first time we stepped in the door. They carry everything you could ever want, from lumber and lawnmowers, to dresses and heels. We knew right away, a phrase that had to describe them on their website was, […]

Election Commission Association Website Launch

Election Commission Association Website Launch screenshot www

Election Commission Association Website Launch The Election Commission Associate of Mississippi needed a new look, so of course they called us! This one was another quick project to fit in right before the end of the year, but it was also a fun one. The best part about designing this website was choosing amazing pictures that represent our […]