April Launches Three Websites: Alfonso Realty, Luther Riley, & JB2


Alfonso Realty, LR Basketball, and JB Squared Launched in April

Jaimee Designs is proud to have launched three Websites in the month of April: Alfonso Coldwell Banker, Luther Riley Basketball, and JB Squared Land Services. Each deserved their own blog post, but we’ve been so busy we’ve combined them into one with special recognition for each.

Alfonso Realty,
Coldwell Banker

Alfonso Realty can to Jaimee Designs looking for a sleek new design that was responsive and had movement. We did not disappoint!

The client is so happy they agreed to do a video testimonial which will be on the Website in the near future.

To check out the site visit http://alfonso.com/

alfonso_profileLR Basketball Consulting

We enjoy clients who know what they want and have a great attitude when getting what they want! Luther Riley is a sought out basketball coach from North Mississippi who has a great personality. He came to Jaimee Designs looking for a site to take his brand national and ended up very pleased with the outcome. Recently, his site was even discussed on the Meerkat Mrs Jaimee D Show and was even able to join in on the conversation.

Interested in seeing his site? You can visit it at http://www.lrbasketball.com/

lrbasketballprofileJB Squared Land Services

JB Squared Land Services sought out Jaimee Designs to help brand his small business with a logo, website, SEO, and a little help setting up his Facebook page. The logo went through several edits before it became absolutely perfect for the business. Once the logo was finalized, we began working on the Website which incorporated pictures of the services provided, machinery and the family. After launching the Website with SEO enhancement, we took the feel of his Website to the newly created Facebook page and within the first two days they went from zero to almost 500 likes on the page resulting in 3 jobs. We are extremely excited to hear the success this business is seeing.

Interested in seeing the Website, check it out here:jbsquaredlandservices.com.