Web Geek… at your service

Jaimee Goad Dorris - Web Design Geek in Mississippi

I didn’t choose to be a web developer; it chose me 8 years ago. And I don’t talk much about my web design business mainly because I don’t think it’s very interesting. Writing code and understanding the workings of the web is virtually effortless for me. In fact, most of the time I feel like I’m a grossly overpaid housewife playing around on the computer.

Twice this week, though, I’ve been reminded that I have a very valuable gift. Two South Mississippi businesses have called me frantically with websites in chaos – one hacked by a terrorist group, another with a homepage in disarray.  There was no “back” button or easy fix for either of them.  I had to use all of the knowledge I have of the web to figure out an effective plan of action. Time was of the essence.  Within an hour, both of the sites were back up and running. Thank yous abounded.

I feel powerful and smart and a little bit geek-ish, but most of all I feel special.  Whether I like it or not, God gave me this talent.  The talent isn’t putting me on the red carpet or plastering me on billboards, but it’s damn important. I don’t have 1,000,000 fans, although I’m sure I made a few more this week. Being a “Web Geek with Personality” might not have been my childhood dream, but it’s a unique vocation that gives me opportunities to be a blessing for others.  And I’m starting to understand that being of service and having something useful to offer is the best feeling of all. Is there an award for that?