Benefits of Video Production

Our society is constantly on the go. Therefore it is important for a business to be readily accessible. Your video could quickly and easily be shared on social media, boost your SEO presence and provide a means for you to engage with your client.

At Jaimee Designs Web Studio we’ll handle the filming, lighting, sound, music, editing and will even write your copy.  Once your video is uploaded, you will see a rapid return on your investment. Ready to get started? Set up an appointment today.

Music Videos

Lady Back - Hump Day Jam

Day Trippin': Episode 2 - Mrs. Mardi Gras

Ladies Live that Fantasy - Hump Day Jam

Hey Big Spender - Hump Day Jam

Day Trippin': Episode 3 - My Coast

Day Trippin': Episode 1 - Highway 90

Kill Boss Tango - Hump Day Jam

Mississippi Gurl - Hump Day Jam