Help! Can you tweak and/or maintain my current website?


Do you offer web hosting?

No.  We believe bigger really is better when it comes to hosting. Larger companies have lots of servers and lots of support so if a problem occurs, you can get help right away.  There’s no way our small firm could handle that responsibility.  But what we can do is help you set up a hosting account. We can either do it for you or walk you through the process step-by-step.

Do you use templates or Word Press themes?

Absolutely!  Modern websites are robust and full of features.  Current website themes are built to customize and are a great starting point for most web design projects. We do still design custom layouts, but a potential client should specify this request ahead of time.

How much do websites cost?

We can do websites for as little as $500, but most web projects are in the $2000 to $8000 price range. Why does it cost so much?  Because it takes time to make you look good online.  Most web projects take between 30 and 60 hours to complete.  That’s the process of brain storming marketing, gathering content, designing a layout, writing the code, integrating the design with the backend, adding in the content and of course teaching you to use it.


Do you build e-commerce sites?

Yes.  Check out our retail / e-commerce portfolio.

What kind of Multi-Media services do you offer?

We offer various Multi-Media services including:

  • Videomaking / Editing
  • Podcasting / Audio
  • Animation
  • Commercial Production
  • Acting
  • Makeup
  • Directing
  • Photography
  • Presentation
  • & More.
Do you create or manage Social Media Accounts?

Yes. We can get your business up and going on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MeerKat, Periscope, Instagram, SnapChat, Google+ and more. Our team makes it their duty to stay updated on all the current trends and the different ways to enhance social media campaigns.

Jaimee Designs believes in developing a clear implementation plan depicting the best time to post and what to post. We conduct research on the market pertaining to your business to determine the exact timing and content of each post. Some content must be provided by the client.